Telarus, KSC (telarus) wrote in discordianism,
Telarus, KSC

Leary's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

So, I'm watching TMNT2 the movie, live-action, yah, that one. Mainly because my gf's 7yr old has never seen them (we watched the first one on Thurs). So we're grooving on the lighthearted comedy, and the decent martial arts (if you can call choreography in large foam suits decent), when I happen to mention to Olivia that Donitello seems to have taken a dominant 3rd circuit imprint. We immediately peg Michelangelo as the 4th circuit hedonist, and Raphael as the 2nd circuit emotionalist, leaving Leonardo as the 1st circuit survivalist badass.

The mapping to the RAW-Leary 8 circuit model seems crazily accurate. I suppose that means that Splinter's the 5th circuit neuro-adept, and that Shredder represents the Chapel Perilous, opposition to the journey to the higher 4.

I wonder if they'd map to the RAW theory linking the tarot suits to the 8 circuit model.

Just thought I'd mention that.
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