byzantine248 (byzantine248) wrote in discordianism,

Discordian Poetry -- Sample 236536533221

perfection, announces the spire.
pure magnificance, soon devil
Diana tried world weight, animosity
throw you fauna hole back
perfect. gentle bite. I'm rising in the sleet.
snow or nothing to ease the pain.
I'm evolving wanting more than every thrilling sepulchre
visceral. Life is caught so
deserving now. Outside someone is bruised
scared of the above: things pass on
you heart on:
like sun drugs which memory,
left-overs should have looked-over
my moth-eaten flesh. . .

wrap it up in her I would
I've taken outside with sleep.
the wrong ice cream one darkened swell.
While we dream of ice
onto I can't serenely see: beer goggle cock.

hole lying big back moldering;
alongside half, night wrong,
instead of pretending be inaudible to a boy.
a churchyard needs my awkward nest.
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